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What is a Transaction ID? And how do I find it?

What is a Transaction ID?

A Transaction ID, sometimes called a Transaction Hash is like a receipt number. It is created whenever funds are sent on the blockchain.

The Transaction Id is proof and evidence that funds were sent and received or confirmed on the blockchain. It is a unique identifier used to search that specific transaction with a block explorer. Confirmation on the blockchain is evidence the transaction was completed successfully.

The information connected with this Transaction ID would include information like date/time, amount sent/received, number of confirmations, network fees and the public addresses involved.

Please note: All blockchain transaction information from the very first ever transaction to the present day is public information and searchable on the blockchain.

Where can I find the Transaction ID?

You can find this Transaction ID or Hash in the transaction history of your wallet. Look for the transaction in question and click/tap on it. It’s usually 64-characters in length depending on the network.

For a more advanced explanation, you can read more here: What is TXID (Transaction ID): Find Transaction ID on the Blockchain

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